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Vote Quimby, I Mean Section214

A few weeks ago we were talking about the Kings luckiest fan contest, where the one luckiest fan would travel to New York for the lottery proceedings. A few of you goaded me into entering, and guess what?

(Here is where I would put the link to except that I am experiencing linkage problems.)

That's right. I am in the hunt to be the Kings luckiest fan!

This grueling process began a few weeeks ago when I submitted (in 50 words or less) why I was the luckiest fan. 49 words and a few days later I was invited down to ARCO Arena, where I was forced to eat free food along with close to 50 other people, all of whom put their "Why I'm the luckiest fan" rap on video. This group has been narrowed to 24 people, including yours truly.

The 23 + me are now on the Kings website. There will be six semi-finalists determined by the voting public. I then believe that the winner will be chosen by Maloof's Sports & Entertainment, though I am not entirely sure.

This much I do know. You people talked me into inspired me to do this, and now I need your vote! I do this at great personal expense - now you will all know that my name is Rob, I'm from Roseville and I do indeed sit in section 214 (I think I'm the 6th person down the left hand side of the voting web page). You will see my face (though I recommend that you not stare right at it - cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and look at the shadow), so at least now you will understand why my avatar is "Mr. Teeny."  I am no longer invisible, which means eating out will now certainly become a challenge, especially if Ron Artest happens to be in the same restaurant. I am certain that Mayor Fargo and The Bee will chip in with allegations of their own about me, so let me be forthright and declare right now that the German Shepherd told me that she was 21 (though that turned out to be in dog years so she was actually only 3).

You can vote multiple times but only once a day, so feel free to vote early and often. Remember, a vote for me is a vote for freedom, puppies and the American Way. Failing to vote for me is a vote for terrorism and the L.A. Lakers. If I we lose, Peaches wins.

Thank you for your support, and please forgive me for the video, which was done in one take with no rehearsal.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!