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Many Thanks

Well, our grass roots campaign fell just short, as both Paul-106 and I were sent packing this afternoon during the finals of the luckiest fan competition.

I was absolutely convinced that I was going to win this thing, especially when I pulled Spencer Hawes (if you did not see the proceedings, each of the six finalists were associated with a former Kings 1st round draft pick). Alas, it was not to be.

So here is where I launch into my hatchet job and let my pent up bitterness flow. One problem, though. Everyone was so freakin' nice! The people from Maloof's Sports & Entertainment (Phil, Mayne, Wendy, Desiree, Mitch and the others that I am forgetting at the moment) - nice! Jeff, the makeup guy (and believe me his job on me was close to urban renewal) - nice! Jim Kozimor - nice! Ailene Voison - nice! Quincy Douby, Geoff Petrie - nice, nice! Winning fan Margie Parilo (and her family) - extremely...nice!

This was a great experience. The best part was having my daughter sit with me throughout the telecast. Her friends began texting her almost immediately to let her know that they had seen her on TV. Very gratifying.

So to that end I thank each and every one of you one last time. We can now place our focus on the lottery, and throw all of our good karma Margie's way. It is not important who brings the #1 pick home, just that it is brought home.

Best of luck, Margie. Knock 'em dead!