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TZ Minus 7 - Owner Poll

I was filling up the gas tank today and was trying to figure out a way to blame the outrageous price on the Maloof's. Sure, they gave away a crap load of money on Oprah's show, sure they have donated millions in the community, but these guys also have the nerve to actually have a good time with their money from time to time. Yeah, sometimes they spend it on themselves. And sometimes they try to drive a hard bargain as businessmen, just like Intel, Hewlett Packard, SMUD, and the State of California, just to name a few businesses that have been granted local sweetheart deals over the years.

And do they do anything to help the local economy? I mean, aside from employing about 150 full time and roughly 1,000 part time employees? Aside from driving business for many local restaurants, sporting good outlets and more? These guys are a freakin' drain on society.

Now Greg Lukenbill, on the other hand, was an owner that you could relate to. He was just like us - broke! Tickets were affordable, because Lukenbill and the rest of the ownership group knew how to cut back on the luxury items, such as scouting and players with talent.

Now I am very appreciative of everything Lukenbill did to bring a team here. He really accomplished what was thought of as impossible at the time. But if not for the Maloof's the KIngs might not still be here today.

So with that, I ask you -