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TZ Minus 3 - Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Sam Amick noted in his blog yesterday that the Kings are going to have Cal's Ryan Anderson in for a workout. Anderson looks to be a late 1st round to early 2nd round pick according to mock draft boards.

The question is why have Anderson in. Could it be a simple matter of geography? Anderson is just down the road in Berkeley. Maybe this is his opportunity to get some feedback before he determines whether or not he's going to remain in the draft (he has not hired an agent yet). I would have to think that if the Kings seriously think that he is going to be available at 42 or 45 then Anderson would go back to school. I can't imagine that the Kings would draft him at #12.

There is another thought. Could the Kings manipulate themselves into the latter stages of the 1st round? They have some pieces (Artest, Miller, Salmons, Moore) that teams contending for a championship might lust for. There are at least six teams with 1st round picks that have to hear their biological championship clock ticking: Boston(30), Detroit(29), San Antonio(26), Houston(25), Denver(20), Cleveland(19) and Phoenix(15 via Atlanta). Dallas would be on this list, but they're 1st round pick now resides in New Jersey, while Phoenix's own pick belongs to Seattle. Also, I place Cleveland here not because of roster age, but because they better get James a "Pippen" fast or he's going to take his act elsewhere.

We all remember that the Kings could be sitting on the #20 pick right now, but GP determined that we also needed Linas Kleiza to part with Ron-Ron. Time will tell on that one. With a potential list of late 1st round players like Anderson, Roy HIbbert, Robin Lopez, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Brandon Rush, maybe even Ty Lawson and others, it sure would be nice to figure out a way to snag another pick.

I'm sure that the conversations amongst GM's will start in earnest after the 14 lottery positions have been determined, and that is now only four days away (Go Margie!!!).