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TZ Minus 2 - Saturday Footnotes

If you like Geoff Petrie and Ron Artest, you'll like this piece of news from Sam Amick. Topic for discussion - If Artest does not opt out, are the Kings looking to (a) trade him before the start of the season (b) trade him by the February deadline, (c) re-sign him should he show increased levels of dependability? If "c" is a consideration, does John Salmons remain on this team? Could Salmons fetch a 1st round pick, and if so, at what level?

Kfan in Korea was good enough to add this link to ESPN's Insider (free preview!!!). Read it and you will come to the conclusion that by the time we pick, Kevin Love will be long gone, Chase Budinger may be considered, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute might be a guy to look at for the 2nd round.

One other note - if you love great offense versus great defense we could have a tremendous match up tomorrow when Amick's interview with Geoff Petrie is published in The Bee. Sam is a monster when it comes to accessing information on the Kings, while GP  thinks that a player's shoes size is a matter of national security. I always go with defense, especially during the playoffs, but I have a gut feeling on this one and I'm taking the "over."