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TZ Minus 1 - Sam Gets (Some) Answers From GP!

Read this first.

If anyone can ever remember GP ever giving up that much information in one sitting, please let me know. Sure, there were the standard GP passages:

Amick: It's a different process for you. It's rebuilding and recrafting all over again. Are you enjoying that process?

Petrie: I have a great job. It's not without some of the, you know (pauses)...I have a great staff. I have a loyal staff. That, above all things, is why I love coming to work every day.

Put another way - Let's move on.

But there was also (especially by GP's standard) some very candid conversation:

Amick: Do you feel his (Ron Artest's) value around the league is lower than it should be as far as how people still look at him?

Petrie: To some extent, he is the proverbial dilemma wrapped in a mystery. But you have to respect things he can do on the court.

Put another way - I can't get what I perceive as his value in trade.

And -

Amick: Is his (Spencer Hawes) head where you want it to be in terms of motivation and drive?

Petrie: I think so. He's a bright young man who thinks he belongs. He's confident in his ability to do it. We all agree that (Hawes) getting stronger, physically stronger and just maturing is something that will help him. That and playing in regular rotation in a system where he has a chance to do things and that will facilitate his growth, too.

Put another way - We're going to give this lad some minutes next year and maybe even run some plays for him.

There is a lot of other great stuff - "Frisco" Garcia? - and some alarming stuff - Kenny Thomas can still be productive for us??? I was interested and encouraged to find out that assist/turnover ratio is as much of a concern to the KIngs as our rebounding woes, and that Petrie feels that a good assist/turnover ratio is the result of melding talent and style of play, while improved rebounding is more an issue of personnel.

The article is really worth two reads, as Petrie's sometimes cryptic style commands a second glance. Good stuff.