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The Quest for Fortuity

It pains me to inform you, dear readers, that I will be absent from Sactown Royalty for two weeks, beginning Monday. section214 will be in charge, and a few special guests will drop by. 214 and pookeyguru have promised some draft-related goodies, and I know you guys will create some awesome FanPosts and FanShots, too.

Let me assure you, though, my two weeks away will not be spent on some oceanliner sipping cerveza, cracking lobster tails, and playing shuffleboard.* I've taken it upon myself to kill all the Sacramento Kings demons which exist and prevent a lucky night on May 20. section214's own quest to land himself on Phil Maloof's plane is one piece of the puzzle; my own quest shall complete the mission: Win the lottery.

I will visit all the storied locations in Kings lore. I will acquire lucky trinkets which will augment Slamson's status with The Fates. I will squash curses, boost our karmic levels, fight to the death with those who would stand in our way.

If I succeed, we pick among the top 3.

If I fail, we pick #12.

Those are the stakes. That is what lies in front of us, brothers and sisters.

Who is with me?

These guys are with me.


This thing is with me.


 Are you with me?


* Actually, this is exactly what I'll be doing. But play along, OK?