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On Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez

Much of our attention has been focused on point guards, but we all know this roster desperately needs more youth up front to complement Spencer Hawes and Shelden Williams. With that in mind, local coach/trainer Brian McCormick discusses Cal product Ryan Anderson, a fellow fully expected to be on the board at pick #12 and possibly in the 30s (via TrueHoop).

If Anderson was from Serbia, he would be a lottery pick for sure. He is everything NBA executives crave: a 6'10 power forward with some back to the basket game, mobility and three-point range. Sure, he needs to add some strength, but potential lottery picks Brook Lopez, Donte Greene, Anthony Randolph and DeAndre Jordan need strength as well. However, they possess "upside" and "length" while all Anderson possesses is offensive fundamentals and demonstrated ability in the NCAA's best conference.

NBA execs travel to Europe every year to find the next Nowitzki. However, the next Nowitzki might be from El Dorado Hills playing his college ball in Berkeley.

You might also be interested to see the Los Angeles Times' Mark Heisler has slotted Robin Lopez at #12, with every meaningful PG prospect (Rose, Augustin, Westbrook, Bayless) going in the top 10. Via ClipsNation.