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Keeping Tabs on the Pacers

Indiana, picking #11, deserves attention over the next month. The Pacers have similar needs as the Kings (point guard, youth in the frontcourt), and they remain the biggest threat in removing Russell Westbrook and/or D.J. Augustin from the board. Via Indy Cornrows , Larry Bird discusses his thoughts on the prospects .

We haven’t had a pick this high in a long time, so we know we’re going to get somebody that can help us. Even though most of the media attention has been on the top two picks – and they’re both going to be great players – those of us inside the league know this is going to be a very deep draft.

In the top 12 to 15 picks, there are some players that probably will be a little better in our league than people think, such as a lot of athletic players that play multiple positions. Even in the 20s, there will be some players that can step in and help teams right away. And like I said, we’re confident we’ll be able to get a solid prospect in the second round. [...]

And who knows? Come draft night, we might even have a surprise or two in store for you.

Is Bird calling out a trade four weeks before Draft Day? Probably not. For whips and goggles, DraftExpress and Chad Ford currently have the Pacers selecting Augustin (with Ford having Westbrook already gone), and the enigmatic going with DeAndre Jordan at #11.