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Trading Kevin Martin

For the past couple of weeks we've tossed around scenarios designed to either move us up in the draft or get us an additional pick. We have sacrificed at the draft altar the likes of Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Quincy Douby, John Salmons, Mikki Moore and Francisco Garcia. One name that has not been offered up is Kevin Martin.

Allow me to say that there is no one in this draft that I would trade Kevin Martin for. But I'll also say that someone might be able to make a compelling argument as to why we could and should trade Martin for (say) Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.

For the purpose of this discussion, let's not worry about how the other teams would feel. In other words, let's not complicate our minds with all of the reasons that Chicago would never trade their rights to the #1 pick for Martin. And let's not cloud things with what players would have to be thrown in to make a deal work, or draft picks, or back massages, or any of that stuff. Simplicity rules. Would you trade Kevin Martin for the #1 pick in this year's draft? How about the #2? The #3?

Again, don't worry about what is plausible. Jason Richardson fetched the #8 pick in last year's draft, but Golden State was motivated by cap concerns (you think J-Rich might have made the difference of a game or two for the Dubs this past year?). And TZ did a great job reviewing that and other draft day deals. You are the GM for both teams here. You have complete control. You get to make the deal, as long as it is Kevin Martin and only Kevin Martin for one and only one draft pick.

Kevin Martin is 25 years old. He will make $55 million over the next five years. He has shown marked improvement each of his past three years in the league. Of the NBA's top ten scorers, only Amare Stoudemire had a better true shooting percentage than Martin. He's not an all star (yet), but that might not be the case had he been wearing a Piston or Celtic uniform this year. His defense needs work, but Reggie Miller was never known for his defense (one shove to Greg Anthony's back notwithstanding), and Reggie will wind up in the NBA Hall Of Fame.

But Kevin Martin may not be that elusive "franchise" player, and there is talk that Derrick Rose may/will be, and that maybe even O.J. Mayo could be that type of talent. That Michael Beasley could have a Karl Malone type career.

Allow yourself the opportunity to pit Martin/Udrih vs. Salmons/Rose, or Beasley/Salmons vs. Moore/Martin (substitute Garcia for Salmons if you like). Does that change your thinking at all?

So, is Kevin Martin on your table? And if he is, how low would you go? For the purpose of the following poll, list out the players in this year's draft that you would deal Kevin Martin for. If there are three players, then you would select "A top 3 pick." If the list is only one deep, then you would choose the "#1 pick." Don't try to estimate where these guys might actually go in the draft. For example, say you like Rose, Beasley, Eric Gordon and Anthony Randolph, then figure that they will be the 1st four guys chosen in the draft and you would have to pick "A top 4 pick" to secure a player that you would deem worthy of dealing Martin for. I'm selecting "I'm not trading Kevin Martin." Of course, I also thought that Ricky Minard was going to be the better player when both Martin and Minard were drafted by the Kings back in 2004, so there you go.