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A Geoff Petrie Stunner

You won't believe this.

"You know," the Kings' basketball president said, "when the season starts, we're going to have to have some point guards."

Geoff Petrie, you bold bold man.

In all seriousness, The Bee's Scott Howard-Cooper sets the scene w/r/t the Kings and their point guard prospects. He narrows the draft field at the position and in the Kings' current draft slot to D.J. Augustin and Russell Westbrook, and notes the strengths and weaknesses of each. Re: Westbrook:

Westbrook is the contrast, for better and worse, a spectacular athlete who is bigger (6-foot-3, according to UCLA) and will physically dominate opponents on offense and would be the best defensive player in the Kings' backcourt on the first day of camp. But he has little experience at point guard, meaning he would need time to grow into the role.

While I earlier lamented the absurd abuse heaped on shooting point guards, it might actually work in our favor here. Chris Paul showed the world a small PG could thrive in the current NBA (thanks, hand-check rules!), and the (mistaken) assumption he and Deron Williams are each as pure a distributor as Nash and Kidd (by virtue of their obscene assist totals) could cause teams to give extra credence to their anti-combo bias.

Westbrook's a lot closer to combo than Augustin. If Paul's ascension (in part) causes Indiana or another top-11 chooser to take D.J. over Russell, we win.