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Friday's Trade Scenario

I thought up this one while reading R-Man's FanPost:

Brad Miller and Quincy Douby to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich and Joakim Noah.

From Chicago's side (and this only works if they are drafting Derrick Rose), they rid themselves of the $37.5 million, four year contract of Hinrich's and free up the point guard position for Rose. They acquire a high post center in Miller that they will have to pay for two fewer years than Hinrich. That gives them a backcourt rotation of Rose/Larry Hughes/Ben Gordon, and a frontcourt rotation of Miller/Drew Gooden/Tyrus Thomas, with Luol Deng and Andres Nocioni at small forward. Oh, and this probably works only if Paxson is tired of dealing with Noah.

For the Kings, they add Noah to their front line. If Shelden Williams plays as an enforcer type the trio of Noah/Hawes/Williams could develop into something sort of cool. You still have Mikki Moore while these guys continue to develop. Hinrich makes up the backcourt with Martin. You still have Artest at small forward, with Salmons and Garcia coming off the bench, so you still maintain some tradeable assets. And you have not used your draft picks yet. The $9.3 million that Hinrich is due in 2010 should still leave the Kings with plenty of cap room for the big free agent acquisition that Petrie has in his sights. If the Kings get the Kirk Hinrich of two years ago (16.6 ppg, 6 apg, 45% fgp) it's not a bad deal. If they get last year's Kirk Hinrich (11.5 ppg on 41% shooting) it's going to be a long four years.

So, thanks to R-Man's inspiration I pose the question via the following poll: