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With This Ring I Thee...

Mike Bibby has gone fishing. As has Bobby Jackson and Rick Adelman. Likewise Brian Skinner. And Darius Songaila. And for what it's worth, Kevin Ollie, Louis Amundson, Tyronn Lue and Loren Woods.

So whom do we live vicariously through? To whom do we attach our post King, post season allegiance?

Four of the eight remaining playoff teams have former Kings on their roster:

  • Boston has Scot Pollard and Eddie House.
  • New Orleans has Peja Stojakovic and Bonzi Wells.
  • Orlando has Hedo Turkoglu and Maurice Evans.
  • Utah has Ronnie Price and Jason Hart.
  • Detroit, Cleveland, San Antonio and the Lakers (thank God!) boast no former Kings.

So who are you pulling for? Which of these guys do you want to see at the White House? Who do you want to see on SportsCenter this fall when they receive their championship rings on opening night? Or would you like to see all of them go home with nothin'?