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Luckiest Fan Update

OK, here's the latest -

The 2nd round of voting will determine the six people that will go to the "finals," which will be held at 3 PM this Sunday at Chris Webber's Centre Court Restaurant, with a live telecast on KXTV 10. The winner will be drawn from the finalists.

So should I (Rob-214) make it to the finals, there is a 1 in 6 chance that I will win the trip to New York (oh, alright kingme18 - New Jersey). Should you also help friend of StR Paul-106 into the finals we have a 1 in 3 chance in at least having one of our "candidates" make it there.

This sort of ruins the dream that I had, where Paul-106 and I are the last two candidates and we run a vicious smear campaign against each other. I photoshop a picture of Paul-106 wearing a gold "We Believe" T-shirt, while he accuses me of enlisting E-Muss as my spiritual advisor. The death blow for Paul-106 comes when he picks up the recommendation and backing of Peaches, which ultimately costs him the election.

Here's the daily voting link.  Thanks in advance for your support.