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TZ Minus 13: With The 1st Pick Of The 2008 NBA Draft, The Sacramento Kings Select -

It's May 20th and I'm sitting in New Jersey with representatives from each of the 14 lottery teams. From up close I can tell that Pat Riley has indeed had botox. Brandon Roy seems to be a really nice guy, and I chat Kevin McHale up about coming to Sacramento to work with Spencer Hawes and Shelden Williams on their low post games, though McHale gets confused, thinks that I am tryintg to trade him Hawes and Williams and responds by offering Al Jefferson, Al Roker and Al Yankovic.

We are all seated behind our podiums. Michael Heisley is spinning around and around in his chair and yelling "wheee!!!" Chris Mullin has been shooting wads of paper into a trash can and has made 37 in a row. Elgin Baylor has dozed off and is snoring lightly, his head resting peacefully on Donnie Walsh's shoulder. Clay Bennett keeps trying to relocate his seat.

The ceremony begins. Golden State gets drawn first, followed by Portland. Indiana gets pulled next, meaning that we've jumped into the top three! The rest of the teams get pulled in order until we get to the Knicks, who have also jumped into the top three. Miami winds up with the 3rd pick...the Knicks get the 2nd pick...and we win the #1 pick!!!

Jim Gray asks me who I think we should take with the pick. While giggling like a school girl I manage to blurt out "Joe Kleine!" Then I compose myself and state, "Hey, I've done my part. Now it's up to the Maloof's, Geoff Petrie and the coaching staff to decide. I do like Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose , though."

So the pick is ours! Who do you like, and why?