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TZ Minus 12 - Democratic Presidential Race, Kings Luckiest Fan Still Undecided

While Obama and Clinton continue to battle it out for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Rob-214 and Paul-106 continue on their campaign trails for the luckiest Kings fan.

Yesterday Paul-106 spent most of his day in the Delta, glad handing potential voters and eating crawfish with the locals. "My so called opponents are out of touch with today," he declared. "One of them even said that he would use the #1 pick on Joe Kleine!"

Meanwhile, Rob-214 was in Paul-106's own back yard and was in a philosophical mood. "Marysville is in Yuba County but Yuba City is in Sutter County. Can someone explain that to me? It makes no sense!"

Both candidates agree on one thing - they both still need your votes to reach the finals on Sunday. "We've come a long way," stated Rob-214. "But we're not to the finish line yet. Paul-106 and I need your support for a few more days. We need StR representation at the 2008 NBA draft lottery!"

Daily voting link.