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Slow News Day - All Time Kings Roster By Height

I can't even begin to justify this post, so please feel free to hijack the thread and talk about anything you like...

Note - Heights determined by Kings media guide. Sacramento era players only.

  • 5'7"  Spud Webb     The one and only.
  • (No players at 5'8" or 5'9")
  • 5'10"  Tyus Edney     Sparked our 1st playoff run in 10 years
  • 5'11"  Jim Les     Sharp shooting stock broker.
  • 6'0"  Bobby Hurley     What might have been.
  • 6'1"  Bobby Jackson     Just beats out Jason Williams.
  • 6'2"  Mike Bibby     6'2"? 6'2"?!?
  • 6'3"  Kenny Smith     Beats out sharp shooters Anthony Johnson, Randy Brown and Jason Hart.
  • 6'4"  Vinnie Del Negro     Or you can substitute Terry DeHere or Anthony Peeler.
  • 6'5"  Mitch Richmond     'Nuff said.
  • 6'6"  Doug Christie     Next best = Jim Jackson.
  • 6'7"  Reggie Theus     Beats out eclectic group that includes Ron Artest, Eddie Johnson, Lionel Simmons, Corliss Williamson, and...K9(woof!).
  • 6'8"  Walt Williams     What a difference an inch makes? The Wizard nudges out Rodney McCray.
  • 6'9"  Wayman Tisdale     Better bass player than Brian Grant.
  • 6'10"  Chris Webber     Beats out Peja and Tank Thompson.
  • 6'11'  Scot Pollard     Over sentimental favorite Mike Peplowski, but give Pep an assist for Hurley being on the list.
  • 7'0"  Brad Miller     Beats OP and (sigh) Joe Kleine.
  • 7'1"  Vlade Divac     10 feet tall in the locker room.
  • 7'2"  Greg Ostertag     No, really! What, you wanted Dwayne Schintzius or Martin Nessley?
  • 7'3"  Randy Breuer     -Insert own comment here-
  • 7'4"  Ralph Sampson     Of course by the time he got to us he couldn't straighten out his knees and was actually only 6'9".