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How Thorough Was the NBA's Investigation?

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In response to Tim Donaghy's latest accusations, David Stern said the federal government and the league investigated and found that the claims were "baseless."

But how deep did that investigation go ?

NBA referee Bob Delaney, one of three referees to work Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals, told Bob Ley in an interview for ESPN's "Outside The Lines First Report" that he has never been contacted by NBA or federal investigators concerning allegations by former referee Tim Donaghy that two referees in that game intended to assure that series went seven games.

Delaney rejects the accusations, but the interesting part is that he's pretty blunt in that he was never contacted as a part of Stern's $1 million investigation. What the hell did they investigate if they didn't even find it necessary to talk to one of the refs working the game?

It's possible Donaghy fingered the other two (Dick Bavetta, Ted Bernhardt) as the "company men" -- but that would seem greater impetus to question Delaney. If Delaney was seen as the "suspect," wouldn't you think the federal investigators might find it important to question the former undercover FBI agent on whether he noticed any funny business.

Stern's got a lot of questions to answer.

(Thanks to otis for pointing this out in another thread.)