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Joe Alexander Has Been Shooting Well in Workouts

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It looks like Joe Alexander might be the riser coming out of Sacramento's big Friday draft workout. Sam Amick of The Bee talked to Vanilla Sky.

"I feel I'm as good a shooter as anyone (at the workout)," the 6-foot-8 Alexander said when asked about his alleged weaknesses. "I shoot 50 percent from the NBA three (point line) every workout I've been to, so anyone who's watched me extensively knows I've got a full set of skills. I don't have any glaring weaknesses.

"The No. 1 thing people talk about is ballhandling (deficiencies), which is even more incorrect. That's my biggest strength. People have no idea what they're talking about, just throw the stereotype out there that because I'm 6-8 I can't handle the ball because I played forward in college. It's ridiculous."

Russell Westbrook tweaked his ankle and didn't get to scrimmage against Ty Lawson. (What, did Randy Brown run the point?) Darrell Arthur played but complained of some back pain which had already caused a rescheduled workout in Sactown. No word on how Lawson looked, though he (and Nico Batum) seem most irrelevant since they likely depend on the Kings grabbing another first.

The importance of the headline here: Petrie drafts kids who can shoot. Kevin Martin got drafted because he broke Peja's workout record for shooting. Quincy Douby got drafted because he broke Martin's record.

I'm still not opposed to Alexander. I'd prefer a lockdown PG defender who can dunk like Ronnie Price, or an ultra-skinny version of Chris Bosh. But I'm not in the camp who thinks another small forward would mean the death of the team. We need talent, period. If Alexander's more talented than the PGs or PFs left on the board (which might be the case with regards to Augustin and Arthur, though D.J.'s looking top-11 almost for sure), take him. Deal with the logjam this summer or at the deadline, or never. Garcia/Martin/Salmons/Alexander/Artest for the win! No one's stopping that lineup!

And while I'm feeling good, a highlight reel: