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The Gallinari Code

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For all of you Marreese Speights fans out there, keep your eyes on what Danilo Gallinari decides today.

As reported by DraftExpress, Gallinari supposedly will pull out of the draft if he is not guaranteed to go in the top ten. This would make it mathematically possible for Rose/Beasley/Mayo/Bayless/Love/Randolph/Westbrook/Gordon/Augustin/Alexander/Lopez to all be gone by the time we choose at 12, leaving us the prospect of DeAndre Jordan, Darrell Arthur, Nicolas Batum, Speights, or others.

We thought this sort of math worked against us last year, when we needed swingmen Jeff Green, Corey Brewer and Julian Green to go in the top nine to assure us Brandan Wright or Joakim Noah. That didn't happen, and as a result many around here were devasted by our selection of Hawes (I think that we're much happier with the selection now, eh?).

My personal opinion (which doubles as croutons at the Round Table salad bar), is that there is a big difference between Rose/Beasley/Mayo/Bayless/Love/Randolph/Westbrook/Gordon/Augustin/Alexander/Lopez and the other guys. If nothing else, it is important that Gallinari stays in just because it will cause one of those players to fall to 12 and at least give GP that one extra player to choose from.

Deadline for pulling out of the draft is 2 PM PST today. Remember our picks at 42 & 43, as they will also be impacted if there is a mass exodus.