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Pretend You're From Toronto, Eh?

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UPDATE: Some Raps fans discuss this trade idea here. Short version: they like this one better, but still not much. They appear to think Ford's more valuable than the rest of the world does. (- TZ)


Pretend that you are the Toronto Raptors, or at least one of their fans. You get free health care and the warmth in knowing that your flag hangs in every NBA arena.

You're getting ready to ship out T.J. Ford. There is a rumored deal that has Boris Diaw coming to you for Ford and your #17 pick. Diaw is slated to make $9 million a year for the next three years, and he has an option for a 4th year at $9 million. Last year Diaw was an 8.8 pt., 4.6 reb., 3.9 ast. guy. Diaw is 26.

But before you can pull the trigger on that deal, the Kings come calling. They offer you John Salmons, Quincy Douby and one of their 2nd round picks for Ford, without asking for the #17 pick. Salmons is slated to make $5.1/$5.5/$5.8 over the next three years, while Douby will make $1.4/$2.2 million over the next two years, with a 3rd year qualifying offer set at $3.1 million. Last year Salmons was a 12.5 pt., 2.7 reb., 2.2 ast. guy. Salmons is 28.

To recap, the Kings deal is roughly $16 million cheaper in contract (if Diaw exercises his 4th year option and you don't retain Douby for a 3rd year) and you get to keep your pick.

So put on your Raptors hats, and answer the following poll question: