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My Last(?) Mock Draft

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OK, here goes. Based on a lot of reading, a lot of film, and several cocktails, here is what stands to be my final mock draft for this year, lottery slots only.

  1. Derrick Rose, Bulls. Chicago may have taken Rose anyway, but Beasley's personality is just a little too scary for them and the #1 pick.
  2. Michael Beasley, Heat. They may trade him, but they won't pass on him. And Satan will make Beasley see it his way, right?
  3. Brook Lopez, Timberwolves. Hold the Mayo, McHale wants Lopez next to Jefferson.
  4. O.J. Mayo, Sonics. Sam Presti can't believe that the Wolves took Lopez, who he was aiming for all along while singing the praises of all of those guards (those San Antonio habits die hard). They may be taking Mayo for another team.
  5. Kevin Love, Grizzlies. The Grizz need help up front and Love fits the bill.
  6. Eric Gordon, Knicks. The Knicks are going to need a couple of years to rebuild this mess, so they take the best player left on the board. And he can help them right away.
  7. Jerryd Bayless, Clippers. The Clips need help at guard, and Bayless can help them at either/both positions.
  8. Joe Alexander, Bucks. New GM John Hammond halts the import train, passes on Danilo Gallinari and selects a kid that he knows will play there and play there hard.
  9. Russell Westbrook, Bobcats. Larry Brown likes guys that play defense. Westbrook can back up Ray Felton (for now) and Jason Richardson.
  10. Danilo Gallinari, Nets. It fits.
  11. D.J. Augustin, Pacers. Larry Legend takes the guy that the Kings would have taken at #12 and the Blazers at #13.
  12. Darrell Arthur, Kings. Geoff Petrie decides against rolling the dice on Randolph, Jordan or Ajinca, but likes Arthur enough not to default to Hibbert or Chalmers.
  13. Anthony Randolph, Trail Blazers. They can afford to D-League this guy as they will be breaking in their other rookie, Greg Oden.
  14. Robin Lopez, Warriors. They need wings to replace some of the guys that are leaving, but they also need someone other than Biedrens at center, and they like the blue collar skills of R.Lopez.

I guarantee that at least three of these picks will be correct, though I have no idea which three. Throw your mock into the thread...if you dare!