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DeAndre Jordan Watch

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As KFan in Korea noted ... from DraftExpress:

As a result of my continuous efforts to obtain the latest inside information, it is now this writer’s opinion that DeAndre Jordan has substantially impressed teams with how well he has presented himself in private workouts (with Sacramento and Phoenix) and his stock is on the rise!

That just happened.

There have been two overarching concerns with Jordan this draft season: why on Earth couldn't he even get decent minutes on a crap team like A&M, and does he have enough of a motor to be a good NBA player?

I'm not worried about the second question; I strongly believe that unless a guy is a complete screw-up, a coach like Reggie Theus and a future locker-room leader (by example, at least) like Kevin Martin can keep a bum working hard. It doesn't mean you overlook effort issues, but they may take less import than if your coach were Eric Musselman and your leader Mike Bibby.

On questioning his disastrous college "career": he actually wasn't a complete disaster on wheels, when you look further than per-games. Certainly disappointing -- shoot more, man! -- but he rates better Brook Lopez in rebounds and shooting percentage and about even in blocks. All those things would qualify as the sort of thing the Kings need out of a power forward/center.

I might sound like a broken drum machine over the next two days, but: I can't find a plausible draft choice which would leave me angry.