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Consider This, Miami ...

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Let's start with two facts:

  • Miami is absolutely insane for wanting to trade the #2 pick.
  • On close inspection, the Kings have extremely limited options in moving up or down in the first round -- section214's breakdown is a must-read going into the rumor furnace.

Chad Ford lays out the best options for Miami, who seems hell-bent on moving Michael Beasley by the end of Thursday. The Kings, obviously, are not involved.

Here's my pitch, which would never beat a Mike Conley-Mike Miller-#5 pick option and is inferior on face value with a Chris Wilcox-#4 option. But it's the only thing the Kings have got, dammit.

#2, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks for #12, a future conditional first, Spencer Hawes, Francisco Garcia, Mikki Moore and Quincy Douby (and a second-rounder, if they want it)

In this deal, Miami gives up its only two albatrosses, and gains no albatross. (Moore can be bought out for $2 million next summer, and he makes $2 million less than Blount this year for twice the potential production and 200 times the effort.)  Meanwhile, Hawes is a starting center for the next 12 years, Garcia becomes one of the top sixth men in the East almost instantly, #12 is a significant asset, Douby's a body and better than the D-Leaguers Miami brought in to end the season, and a future Kings pick with the standard conditions figures to be a top-20 pick in two years.

With this deal, Miami can get Elton Brand or Carlos Boozer locked up longterm next summer with no other long, big contracts besides Dwyane Wade. They'd have a potentially elite frontcourt and, again, Dwyane F. Wade.

The Kings, meanwhile ... it's a steep price, but it could also be one of the best power forwards in modern basketball, locked up for eternity. You'd be left with Kevin Martin, Michael Beasley and a bunch of veterans. But if Brad Miller lives another year, and Ron Artest exists in harmony with his new friends, this is a potential playoff team this year.

Obviously, this thing is rife with hitches, central among them being that Miami wants O.J. Mayo and Jerryd Bayless, and neither will survive until pick #12. My dreamer's mitigation says Shawn Marion could be used by Miami to snatch a top-8 pick, but what do I know?