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Kevin Martin Will Duel Kobe, Team USA Next Month

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Sam Amick reports Kevin Martin has been added to the U.S. Basketball program, and will take part in the Select team scrimmages next month.

According to a league source, Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin has been asked to play on USA Basketball's select team. The team is seen by some as the next crop of up-and-comers on the national team scene, its immediate charge to scrimmage and practice against the national team in Las Vegas from July 21-24 as they prepare for the Olympics in Bejing this summer. Impress at that stage, however, and a player could be strongly considered for the 2010 World Championships in Turkey and the 2012 Olympics in London.

I'd heard Martin was asked to participate with the Select team last summer, but had scheduled obligations with the group that went on the humanitarian trip to Africa.

It's a great honor for sure, and I look forward to potentially seeing Martin join forces with Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and maybe Greg Oden in the 2012 Olympics.