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Can Bayless Really Last to #12?

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This is an exercise in futility until 4:30 p.m., but so has the past two months really.

  • Chicago -- Not taking Bayless at all.
  • Miami -- Highly unlikely to take Bayless #2, fair possibility of taking Bayless if they trade to #5 or below.
  • Minnesota -- Highly unlikely to take Bayless at all.
  • Seattle -- Fair possibility of taking Bayless #4 or lower if they trade down.
  • Memphis -- Unlikely to take Bayless at all.
  • New York -- Fair possibility of taking Bayless at #6 or if they trade down.
  • L.A. Clippers -- Strong possibility of taking Bayless at #7 if Mayo and Gordon are gone.
  • Milwaukee -- Unlikely to take Bayless.
  • Charlotte -- Unlikely to take Bayless.
  • New Jersey -- Unlikely to take Bayless.
  • Indiana -- Slight possibility of taking Bayless.
  • Portland -- Unlikely to jump up to take Bayless.
  • Golden State -- Unlikely to jump up to take Bayless.
  • Phoenix -- Unlikely to jump up to take Bayless.

In my estimation, if Bayless gets past L.A. at #7, he could get all the way to #12. The teams just in front of Sacramento don't seem to be as enamored of the guy as Miami, Seattle and New York.

The Clippers remain the biggest threat, but Miami would constitute the second biggest. If they end up working out a deal with Seattle or Memphis to move down, and Minnesota takes Mayo at #3, Miami will pick Bayless.

My best case scenario: Miami and Minnesota work out something on Beasley and Mayo, Seattle takes Brook Lopez, Charlotte moves up for Memphis' #5 and takes Love or Westbrook, the Knicks take Westbrook or Gallinari, the Clippers get Gordon, Milwaukee takes Alexander, Memphis gets Love if he's there or maybe Randolph, N.J. takes Gallinari if he's there, Indiana takes Koufos, Sacramento is left with Augustin or Bayless.

Of course, I'm fine with either Augustin or Bayless, so if Indiana wants another point guard ... I'm not greedy.

Let's hope.

UPDATE: Chad Ford is on ESPNews, and his mock just showed Bayless to ... L.A. at #7. The mock didn't go past #10, but Augustin remained on the board.

UPDATE #2: Chad's been working out.

UPDATE #3: Ford just addressed the possibility of Bayless getting down to #12. He said the picks between #3 and #12 could get mixed up any which way.