Here's to you, Jason Thompson

(Read this essay. It's good. And not just because it compliments me. --TZ)

I know this could probably go in the open thread, but I want to be long winded on this topic.  Before I go on, I want to send a kudos, or a "shout out" if you will, to TZ.  I cannot imagine trying to moderate an open thread through this draft, let alone 3 open threads.

I got home at 5:35pm Colorado time.  I poured a beer from the kegerator, turned on ESPN, and pulled up StR.  I drank, we enjoyed watching the picks go, seemingly, in our favor.  Bayless got swiped up right in front of us, and I finished 2 beers in about 3 minutes.  All this as I am attempting to remain readable and somewhat funny in my comments.

Then the Thompson picks happens.  I struggle to decide how many question marks I should put after "WTF".  My beer consumption rapidly increases.  I join in the fracas and begin to lambaste the pick.  Let the record show that I am a complete idiot, so my reaction alone should tell us all that we need to know about this pick.

TZ is like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, "Remain calm!  All is well!"

Nobody listens, the bashing continues.  And then I remember my old signature in SB Nation 1.0, "In Geoff we trust..."

I was confused by Pedrag Stojakovic.  I was bothered by Jason Williams.  I had never heard of Kevin Martin.  I thought Spencer Hawes was a terrible pick.  Again I will reiterate, let the record show that I am an idiot. 

I've often told my friends that the best part of being a Kings fan is that I can trust that we have a smart GM in Geoff Petrie.  It is also why I like being an A's fan, because ultimately I trust Billy Beane.  Well, trusting your GM means that you still trust him even when you do not understand the logic behind the moves.  I was sad when Webber got traded, but I trusted that it was the right move.  Then again, we ended up with K-9(woof!), so maybe I was wrong about that one.  But my point remains the same.  Moments after the pick, ESPN's Andy Katz reported that he had spoken with Reggie Theus, and the the Kings took Thompson because he was the best big man they had seen in workouts.  I trust Petrie's analysis of players.  I trust that he knows more about basketball than I do.

Above all, consider how Mr. Thompson feels.  Hell, these are kids my own age, let's call him Jason.  Imagine how Jason feels.  We all talked about how much it must have sucked to be Gallinari being booed in New York.  But even a foreigner probably realizes that New Yorkers are all assholes.  Sacramento is known as one of the most loyal and supportive fan bases in the league.  How would it feel to be blasted by those who are supposed to be the most supportive of you? 

Jason, I apologize.  Prove them wrong.  Prove all of the naysayers wrong.  Show us what you've got, and we'll love you forever.


P.S.  There is nothing funnier than watching an entire fan base try to talk themselves into a pick that they were disappointed by.  I include myself in this, and further evidence can be found in Open Thread 3.

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