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On J-Thrill

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Does Scott Howard-Cooper know something we don't?

From Sacramento and Miami and every surreal place in between comes the reality that the Kings and representatives of Jason Williams, if not Williams himself, will probably be talking within a few days to explore the possibility of his return to the Kings as a free agent.

The Kings are prohibited from contact with free agents and any public comments until the market opens tonight at 9 Pacific time. Aware that Williams is an exposed nerve of a topic around Sacramento, and that it could send the wrong message to Beno Udrih, the Kings are hesitant to discuss the scenario even off-the-record.

But it has a chance of happening. Not a great chance, for a few reasons that have nothing to do with the past, but an actual chance. It's real.

The problem I'd have with a J-Thrill reunion is that he's not going to get guys like Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia, Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson any easy shots. Most of his speed seems expired, opponents will slack off him and let him shoot threes, and his defense is nowhere near helpful, based on the last two years of work.

If Sacramento's really going the stopgap route -- Williams, Chris Duhon, Carlos Arroyo would qualify -- I'd hope the acquisition would be able to bring one of two things to the table: make the game easier for the other scorers through passing or shooting, or play hellcat defense to explore whether a Kevin Martin team can be above-average on defense. Duhon's a great defender, but actually takes thing off the table on offense and doesn't seem too devoted to his trade.

My dream scenario: Watch Philadelphia get caught up in the Josh Smith-Elton Brand-Andre Iguodala heat, and try to swoop on Louis Williams with the mid-level. He's 21, he's getting better every year, and he's way under the radar. Of course, he's pretty deep into combo guard territory, but we were clamoring for Jerryd Bayless, what, like four days ago?