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Start the Ron-Ron Derby

So Baron Davis leaves $17 million on the table. Elton Brand leaves $16 million on the table. Ernie Grunfeld gives a 32-year-old forward $50 million for four years.

And Ron Artest has the self-control to decline a chance on the open market in favor of a $7.4 million salary on a 38-win team?

Amazing world we live in.

Between tonight and the moment Ron-Ron gets traded, we'll see 2,000,000,000,000 (with a 't') rumors or trade ideas. Hell, we'll start some of them. It will be painful, it will test your will. But it is unavoidable.

Until that day, I'm cool with Ron-Ron. He's a helluva player, and few are more fun to watch or read about. Ulcers, yeah. Frustration, yeah. But I'm cool with Ron-Ron, and I'm glad he's a King tonight.

<<Group hug>>