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Ron Artest, The Knicks: The Perpetual Question With the Same Ol' Answer

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It's June, which means it's time for bored New York writers to bore us with the same question they bore us with every June: does Ron Artest want to be Knick?

Mark Lelinwalla of the New York Daily News, please do the honors.

The critics are still out on what kind of defensive identity the Knicks will develop under new coach Mike D'Antoni. Perhaps Ron Artest can help.

When the Daily News asked the Queensbridge product if he would like to play for the team he grew up watching, Artest flashed a huge grin.

"Who wouldn't want to?" Artest said in the tunnel outside the Garden's locker rooms following yesterday's WNBA game between the Liberty and Monarchs. "I'm not going to talk about that stuff till July 1. I don't play for the money, I play for the love."

Thank you, Mark. Your contribution has been immeasureable in its weight. You have expanded our knowledge more than you'll ever realize. We thank you again.