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StR Community Draft Board: Pick #1

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Alright, so the old community draft board has been begging to be let out of the garage for weeks. I suppose it's time. We have roughly two weeks before the draft, so each day (including weekends) we will, as a collective, decide what the Kings' draft board should look like. You have one day to vote, then, and the players not selected will be included in the next poll.

An explainer from last year :

THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT. This is a draft board, a list with the order of prospects you'd like to see the Kings pick. In other words, if we were the Kings front office, when our pick came up, we'd take the top name left on our board. We're simply ranking the prospects in the order we would like to see the Kings take them.

Also, please fight for your cause in the comments. We'll take the best endorsements for players and turn them into full posts closer to the draft.

Let's get started: Who would you pick with the #1 choice?