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Gil's Status Could Float For a While

I mean no disrespect to the Tasmanian Slovenian (or was it Slovenian Tasmanian?), but Gil Watch pumps my blood a lot harder than Beno Watch. So while Mike Dunleavy buys Beno Udrih some crepes Suzette in NYC, we'll keep tabs on Gilbert Arenas until Ivan Carter tells us differently.

The Washington Times indicates the Arenas situation might take a few weeks to be resolved.

The source also said that Arenas -- who has a 9 a.m. flight today to China for part of a two-week promotional tour with Adidas -- likely will take less than the max to help give the Wizards more flexibility financially. Arenas likely won't agree to the new deal until returning from China and once the NBA releases the salary cap numbers for the coming year so he will have a better idea of what the Wizards have to work with and how he can help by "leaving money on the table," the source said.

This gives us all the time we need to produce a billboard offering to mow Gil's lawn if he signs with us! Yes!

Seriously though, the Kings are in severe longshot position, I'd gather. The longer it takes for Washington or Golden State to lock him in, the better the slim, slim odds for the Kings become.