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Amick: Beno's Back

Sam Amick is reporting that Beno Udrih has accepted that $32 million, five-year deal from the Kings. As I said in my long analysis of why exactly Beno shouldn't be getting the full mid-level for five years from Sacramento, I'm not mad at this. I'm not sure it's the perfect move, but it sure as Hades beats Chris Duhon.


Welcome back, Beno. But cut your hair and put on some pants, for God's sake.

UPDATE: Chad Ford and Beno used to kick it at this crazygood pastry shop in Ljubljana (or something), so Ford gets the quote:

"I am so happy and honored to be returning to the Kings," Udrih told "They took a chance on me and believed in me. I can't wait to get back to my teammates and the city that has become home to me."


"I need some frickin' In-n-Out and a Hefeweizen from Sudwerks!"