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A Word from David Johnson

David Johnson, the local player from Davis who got a chance to play with the Kings' summer league team, sent along this message for Kings fans and those who commented here with words of encouragement.

"Thanks for the support.

It's been great to be a part of the Kings camp. I can say that it was the most difficult and at the same time, the most enjoyable experience that I've ever had in my life.  All of the players, Quincy, Francisco, Kevin, they were all real nice.  They welcomed me right away.   Same goes for Jason, Patrick and Sean.  I appreciated being able to finally meet  and get a chance to really talk with Geoff Petrie and Coach Theus.  They're probably TWO of the friendliest people I've met.

The talent level overall was extremely high and I only had two practices to show them my skills.  There is 999,000 reasons that I could come up with as to why I didn't make it.  But the only logical one is that you only have two days to show what you're capable of.  To add to that, there are 4 or 5 point guards that you're splitting that play time with...and that's just on my scrimmaging team.  Different plays w/ many variations are thrown at you faster than Nolan Ryan's fast ball.  That's apart of the NBA that you have to get accustomed to.

A few of the highlights I have from all of this was, catching an alley-oop from Patrick Ewing Jr., playing along side Kevin Martin, playing against Quincy Douby and hanging out w/ them. And, Francisco is a pretty funny dude, he had me cracking up.  All in all the Kings are really a great organization, which I now know from a first hand experience.  I'm just going to continue to do what I love, play & coach basketball; & who know's what can possibly happen in the future...I'm just going to see where it takes me.   I'm just feel so grateful for being able to get this chance that millions of basketball players never get."

KOVR-13 will broadcast a feature on David tonight on The Sports Show at 10:45 p.m.