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The Perfect Plan

Carl alluded to it in the comments in the below thread, but to emphasize: This is perfect, on every level, for the Kings.

  1. Geoff Petrie won't take any crap from fans or the local TV media for trading the "loose cannon" Ron Artest after Artest has requested a trade through the media.
  2. Reggie Theus can't possibly be mad at Petrie for trading his "best player" once that player has requested a trade.
  3. Mama Maloof gets some press.
  4. Mark Stevens goes back to real estate, or whatever.

Petrie won't take a bad offer if he knows good ones are out there ... so Artest could last in Sacramento until the winter. The other top players -- Kevin Martin, Brad Miller, Beno Udrih -- know they only have to wait out Artest's on-court temperment a few months at most. (They may genuinely like him in the locker room, but it's clear he is one of the most difficult players to share the court with. Have fun, Kobe.)

Really, we owe Ron-Ron our gratitude for requesting a trade. Thank you, Ron.