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Comment Moderation

Can't Stop the Bleeding:

Citing alleged Miami interest in Ron Artest, the Sacramento Bee’s Sam Amick quotes Kings co-owner Joe Maloof as asking Artest to "take a deep breath and quit flying off the handle with comments that don’t make sense." Maloof’s advice might well be directed at some of the Bee readers, whose comments following Amick’s piece raise the following quandary : if Buzz Bissinger can hold the editor of Deadspin directly responsible for dopey comments, where’s the outcry over the unmoderated hate-fest occurring under the auspices of the MSM?

This remains amazing to me, that no matter what strides The Bee has made in developing excellent online content, they continue to allow their comment sections to be bitter cesspools filled with completely unredeemable (and often incomprehensible) dreck. It really demeans the great work Melody, Sam, Scott and Ailene have done with the web-only writing on the blog.

Sactown Royalty generates no money (excepting our charitable venture for the Sacramento SPCA), yet we've managed to create a place where you can actually discuss the Kings and the NBA. How hard is it?

(And yes, consider this a plea to remain civil and thoughtful in this trying time of the Artestopocolypse.)

(Also this is as good a place as any to congratulate the Gurneys, who have also created some special out of nothing. Long Live BallHype!)