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K-9 Fund Drive - Four Months To Reach Our Goal!



This is what happens when your pet hangs with E-Muss.

We enter July and we continue in our efforts to raise hundreds of dollars for the SPCA. My donation this month is in honor of our newest Kings and their jersey numbers - Jason Thompson (34), Sean Singletary (7) and Patrick Ewing, Jr. (0). This is a far better deal than using their college jersey totals, which would have come to $78. That's a savings of $37, so what are you waiting for? Act now! This low price can't last forever.

I know that I'm asking a lot here. Gas prices, milk prices, everything is just getting to be outrageous. One of the nice things about StR is that it has not been impacted by these price increases. It's still free (and well worth it!). Don't sweat it if you can't donate, as times are tough. We're fortunate that our dogs gladly agreed to sacrifice their Christmas presents this year so that we could make our donation. Actually, Sasha was all for it. But Jade (seen below) is still trying to get into the spirit of things.