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Believing in Martin

We've heard quiet stars claim they are ready to be leaders before. Peja said he'd lead the team once Vlade and Webber left. Then Mike Bibby said it. Brad Miller said it. None came close to becoming an actual on-court (or lockerroom) leader -- that was left to Ron Artest and Corliss Williamson.

But when Kevin Martin says he wants to take control, as he does in this Ailene Voisin column, I tend to believe him.

"I'm coming to training camp this year ready to do whatever it takes, being vocal in the locker room, asking to defend the toughest player. I know I'm ready to be the leader, to be that guy."

For those who haven't watched Martin's ascension these four years, it's easy to dismiss that as offseason yammering. But tell me -- when has Martin not followed through?

Read the whole column. Apparently, our little Zapper is wowing the coaches at Olympic practice in Las Vegas.