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Schedule Leaks

The 2008-09 regular season schedule should be coming out this week. Here's one preliminary slice of news, though, from The Oklahoman:

This season the Mavericks and Sacramento Kings are the only two Western Conference teams that will make only one trip to Oklahoma City.

That means there will only be three games against the Un-Sonics, which stinks because a) that's about an easy a win as you can get, and b) the Royal Court Dancers really love Oklahoma City.

There will be three other teams from the Northwest and Southwest divisions the Kings will see only three times, and it won't be the Hornets, Nuggets, Wolves, or Mavericks (last season's three-fers). That leaves these candidates: Jazz, Trail Blazers, Spurs, Grizzlies, Rockets.

<crosses fingers, whispers "JazzSpursRox JazzSpursRox">