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Rondom Thoughts

Perhaps my last post under the heading of "Ron-Ron," unless I choose to opt in later and then immediately regret it...

  • I will miss Ron vs. Brandon Roy.
  • I will not miss Ron vs. Reggie Theus or Utah Jazz fans.
  • I will always be indebted to Ron for his play when he arrived here in 2006.
  • I will always be amazed that Ron created such a stir here while playing only 167 regular season games.
  • I'm glad Ron was here.
  • I'm glad that he's gone.
  • I loved/hated Ron's tenacity.
  • I loved/hated the fact that Ron's audio thought process was unfiltered and unprocessed.
  • Beno Udrih feels just like you do when that noisy neighbor moves out.
  • Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia will be better players for having played with Ron Artest.
  • Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia will be better players for no longer playing with Ron Artest.
  • The low post is once again a concern.
  • The extra pass is no longer a concern.
  • Ron Artest will receive a loud, positive ovation when he first returns here.
  • Bobby Jackson's first ovation will be louder and longer.
  • Houston just joined New Orleans as my favorite Western Conference teams (other than the Kings).
  • If Houston doesn't win it all this year, their off season won't be much fun...and Rick Adelman will ride into the sunset.
  • We're going to feel awfully left out next year when all of those Ron-Ron to ________ rumors start up.
  • I loooooved Ron Artest.
  • I loooooathed Ron Artest.
  • Buckle up, Houston. It's going to be a bumpy ride. But if you like thrill rides, you'll love Ron Artest.
  • Say a prayer that Donte Greene for Ron Artest is one day mentioned in the same breath as Jermaine O'Neal for Dale Davis.
  • Kevin Martin, line 1 holding for you. Your destiny is calling.

Good luck and Godspeed, Ron Artest. You always gave us what you perceived as your best. I'll root for you at times on the court, but I'll root for you always in life.