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Ron's Dog Gone, But The K9 Fund Lives On

The downside of Ron Artest leaving Sacramento is that one of the great fund raisers for the animals in the greater Sacramento area is leaving town. Granted, Ron stumped for PETA while we are gathering funds for the SPCA, but helping animals is helping animals, and now we have to collectively fill the Ron Artest void.

As I've mentioned before, I always feel a little guilty about asking for fundage. I imagine that at least some of you work for the great state of California, and thanks to our legislature and governor, working for the state is a lot like working for a CBA team when Isiah Thomas was running things - put in your time and hope you get paid...and you probably don't want to leave any valuables at the office over the weekend.

But thanks to the generosity of those that have found the means, we are within $328 of our goal with three months to go. I was going to make my donation in honor of how many times Ron will make us squirm about the trade over the next two weeks, but my loan application was denied. So I move to my default plan - $10 per "e" in Donte Greene's name.

Now it's your turn. Pick a player that fits your budget and respect the "e." Kevin Martin works for those on a budget, Shelden Williams if you can afford a little more. Brad Miller would be a value, but you have to tack on for the suspension.

So drop an "e" note or two, and make life better for four legged friends. Ron would have wanted it that way.