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How Many Points Will Martin Score on Opening Night?

I keep seeing the inkling of the regular season schedule over there in the right sidebar. The season opener against Minnesota just stares at me. You know what it makes me think of? The last time the Kings played the Timberwolves. (Duh.) The time Kevin Martin scored 48 points.

Last year, in three games against Minny, Martin averaged 33 points on 19 shots. Also, he's traditionally been a good opener. He dropped 26 in last season's opener, and score 30 points twice during his first week as a full-time starter in 2006.

Martin averaged more than 26 points a game during March and April last season. The only King who took more shots than Martin has been traded, and Martin will be the unquestioned offensive focal point. Brad Miller will be out for the first five games.


I'm guessing 50.