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Two Theus Quotes, Offered Without Comment

Both from Ailene Voisin's blog post.

Regarding the abandoned search for a big man coach:

"Whatever they (Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs) want to do is fine with me," said Theus. "I just haven't heard anything about that for a while. But I think they saw Spencer getting better late in the season, so maybe that had something to do with where we're at."

Regarding Sacramento's love of Bobby Jackson:

"Bobby Jackson, Bobby Jackson, Bobby Jackson," Theus said. "I say, 'guys, that was eight years ago. He can still play. But that was a long time ago.' The good thing is, I've talked to Bobby, and explained to him how important his presence is going to be in the locker room. It's going to be enormous. It's important to mentor the young guys the right way, and a lot of our success is going to depend on how quickly the young guys develop."