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On Bobby in the Box Score

In the Theus thread, section214 had this gem of a comment:

You’ve made it loud and clear that you think that B-Jax is done. I respectfully disagree. Jackson averaged 19 minutes a game last year. As a #2 PG, he will probably be called upon to play about 12-14 minutes a night. He’s a gym rat and a tireless worker who will be more than capable of being a better backup PG than most teams in the NBA have. He’s better than Jason Hart, Ronnie Price, Orien Greene, Mustafa Shakur, or any of the other back up points that we’ve had over the last couple of years (unless you want to get nitpicky and count the 14 games where Udrih actually played behind Bibby).

I agree that he is not the Bobby Jackson on five years ago. But he can still be a solid contributor. I agree that he is an expiring contract, but that does not mean that he is just an expiring contract.

As for Bobby Brown, he has no NBA experience and had to play his arse off in Vegas to earn a two year minimum contract. I hope that his play is so stellar that the KIngs have no choice but to elevate him to #2 status, but I wouldn’t count on it. This kid has no more NBA cred than Ronnie Price had, and it took Price quite some time to overtake Jason Hart. One more time for empahsis – Jason Hart!

Bobby Jackson will contribute to the Kings this year. On the court in his now more limited role, in the locker room and in the community. I understand that some people are viewing his return through rose colored glasses, but isn’t it at least fair to say that he will be a solid contributor to this team as it is currently built? I look forward to watching him play, and I really look forward to the crowd’s reaction when he enters the game on opening night. What is wrong with that?

Basically, Bobby Jackson is going to be the best backup PG the Kings have had since ... Bobby Jackson!

PERs for backup-ish PGs last season: Anthony Johnson, 8.9; Quincy Douby, 9.7; Orien Greene, -3.3.

PER for Jackson last season: 13.5. (It's actually better than Beno Udrih's 2007-08 PER, for what it's worth.)