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FanPosts vs. FanShots

Time for a bit of a metathread on how things should work around here.

If you have extended thoughts on subject not currently being discussed in another FanPost or on a front page thread, open a FanPost! These really are meant for extended thoughts. You don't need to be as loqacious as StR laureate pookeyguru, but you should put more than a fleeting thought.

More thoughts on FanPosts:

  • Decent grammar and proper punctuation can help your FanPost. But even more, poor grammar and bad punctuation, mixed with erroroneous spelling -- I know personally I'll be much less likely to read or rec something that doesn't show a little care has been put into it.
  • Make those headlines sing. Not to single anyone out, because we aren't like that, but "My thoughts on Such&such" or "SHELDEN WILLIAMS" are not insightful headlines. You can be vague -- lord knows I am in many of my front-pagers -- or you can be direct. Just put a touch of thought into it

Most importantly, FanPosts are not for simple quotes, links, YouTubes or photos. That's exactly what FanShots are built for. FanShots are not appropiate for the types of essays you spend time on, but a fleeting link or a relevant YouTube: it's so much better for the site if those go into the FanShots. Shots are easier to put on the front-page, more attractive and less clunky. Use them!

I also would like to take this opportunity to encourage quality. For a few minutes there after the Artest trade, the site was starting to resemble a message board. That's not what we've built here. Everyone here is lucid and clever and damn funny. If a troll comes along at a moment of piqued attention, deal with them graciously and don't stoop to their level.

The only way we can keep the quality of discourse on StR above that of the damn Bee comments is by policing ourselves. That doesn't mean calling out your neighbor. That means taking care to make sure what you contribute to the site -- your comments, your FanPosts -- strives to keep the discourse in a good place. (This isn't a comment in any way on the inside jokes that go on -- those are fantastic ... though maybe "that's what she said" should be reserved for special occasions. This is about stooping to the level of the invaders.)

And as always, if you have specific concerns or objections you'd like to myself and section214 to address, send a note to tom AT sactownroyalty DOT com. We're here to help.

Thanks for participating.