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Apostrophe, or Acute Accent?

Is it Donté Greene? Or Donte' Greene?

misterbrister raises the question. The NBA goes with the é. Syracuse has used an apostrophe. ESPN remains agnostic.

Donté/Donte' was born in Munich, and lived in Europe for the first three years of his life. That would hint toward the acute accent, though it is far from definitive.

If it is, in fact, an acute accent, should we adopt its usage? If so, then we must provide equal diacritical ferver in Francisco García's name ... something the NBA does not offer but The Bee sometimes enforces.

We hope to have this serious matter resolved soon.

UPDATE: Reader Matt chimes in via email:

I'm not 100 percent sure, but I can tell you that some computer programs automatically turn an e' into an e with an accent over it. I bet good money that's what happened and no one bothered to check on it. Considering the T-shirts that the folks at Syracuse had made saying Don'te Leave, you can bet that it's an apostrophe. College kids don't mess that stuff up...

UPDATE #2: From TrueHoop's Henry Abbott:

That character in Donte Greene's name that touched it all off is not an apostrophe, as it may appear sometimes online. It's an accent. And the reason a lot of websites don't use it is because accents, in html, can get squirrely. For instance, they can appear as apostrophes.