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Dwyane Wade Loves Sacramento Cuisine? Yep!

Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel apparently feels Cleveland's pain.

From the Department of Duh!: Dwyane Wade goes to New York for a publicity event. Wade praises Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, an assistant on the Olympic staff. So now the panic begins? The one thing Wade is very good at it is telling people what they want to hear. That's how you move sneakers, cell phones and sports drinks, you know. So mark it down: When the Heat plays Jan. 9 in Sacramento, we'll hear Wade telling us how his mind certainly will be open to the Kings when he becomes a free agent in '10. They do, you know, buy sneakers, cell phones and sports drinks there, too.

Clarification: we only buy sports drinks with electrolytes.

But seriously, I did hear Wade adores The Waterboy. He is also a big fan of Steak Escape in Arden Fair Mall. And he never forgets to visit Corti Bros. in town. He might even buy a vacation home here this year ... which would be awfully convenient come free agency in 2010. Rumor has it he's looking at houseboats for weekends on the Delta, too. And his best friend and mentor is third wheel Phil Maloof.