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Francisco Garcia Extension Coming After All?

Amick plays coy in a blog post this morning.

There may be reason to think I was wrong in this post about Francisco Garcia's future in Sacramento. That's all I can say for now.

That older post said Garcia wouldn't be getting an extension this fall. Apparently, something has caused Amick to question that assertion. Like, um, renewed contract talks.

As I said before: it's not a disaster if Garcia doesn't sign now. Small forward's a fairly deep position (it's all relative in Sactown) and Flaco's the type of player who won't break the bank next summer, even if he goes nuts. I doubt he'll end up more expensive than the mid-level (even if he starts half the season and drops 18/5). In that case, the Kings would be on the hook for a bit more than the MLE. No big deal, I imagine whatever deal Garcia'd accede to this summer isn't much less (maybe five years, $30-32 million.)

I think anything above $33 million over five seasons is too much at this point. The Kings need to preserve a flexible roster. Locking up role players (no matter how exhilarating they may be) to gaudy contracts shouldn't be the plan.