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Francisco Garcia Signs an Extension: $30 Million, Five Years

From SN&R Readers' Choice Best Sportwriter in Sacramento winner Sam Amick:

The Kings' push to secure a young core took another step forward on Thursday, as they agreed in principle to a contract extension for fourth-year swingman Francisco Garcia.

According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, the deal is for five years and $29.8 million. Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie did not immediately return a call for comment, nor did Garcia's agent, Aaron Goodwin.

This deal is well within the acceptable parameters. It comes out to $6 million a year, roughly the league's average salary. I think we all agree El Flaco has the ability, talent and drive to be an above-average NBA player. If so, this is a good-to-great deal (depending on scales of his production).

If last season was a fluke and Garcia's jumper disappears, or if he turns back into an out-of-control turnover machine, then it'd a bad deal. But it'll never break the bank. Imagine if he becomes your fourth most vital player, making less than $7 million. That leaves a ton of space for the stars and additional role-playing help.

Cap ramifications coming soon.