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Impressions from Media Day

* Donté Greene is exceedingly pleasant, and seems to get on well with everyone. He gave it to Spencer Hawes regarding Sunset Tan. Donté said he hopes to sneak in some weakside blocks this season, and vowed to "get Shaq a few times." Really funny, nice guy.

* Brad Miller looks as fit as he did last October. I didn't watch him run wind sprints or check his body fat or anything, but he looks good.

* Spencer Hawes said he's lost some body fat and added a bit of muscle. He said he's been working on the hook shot all summer. Got a B+ in Sociology of Sport at UW.

* Reggie Theus was very gracious with his time, and talked a lot about the team's offense going forward. Some mentions of a primitive version of the Triangle, which was played with during summer league. Theus said it's Kevin Martin's time to run a team, which is encouraging. He also talked about the need for Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia to elevate their games.

* Gavin Maloof said he thinks this team has a chance to make the playoffs, and that he and Geoff Petrie haven't been this excited for the team in two seasons.

* Martin spent the whole day walking around dribbling and pump-faking with a ball in his hands. I don't think he ever stops thinking about basketball.

* Beno Udrih needs a haircut.

* Mikki Moore misses Ron Artest, and hopes Houston's star understand him. Mikki also said he looks forward to being the team's leader.

* Shareef Abdur-Rahim appeared in a suit, a Kings official polo, and a screen tee. He will be joining the quick-change act this season.

All told, the individual players seemed more relaxed this season. Is it comfort with Theus with a year in the books? Or lowered expectations based on the accelerated youth movement? We'll find out, but it's a positive vibe.